Future of PR- As They Tell It

There are many thoughts on how public relations will evolve as time passes. Richard Edelman said on his blog that we must: 1) Retrain our work force. PR should move away from “pitching the story” mentality. We can be part of conversations on line. We have to be smart about our subject and careful with our facts because these discussions are always on the record. 2) Recognize the influence and credibility of blogs. David Kiley of Business Week wrote about Paramount Studios’ success with a niche film, Hustle & Flow, which was promoted through music blogs and fan sites. Thirty five percent of moviegoers said they were motivated to see the film through discussions on line.  3) Experiment. We should be working with video clips attached to press materials to make it easier for bloggers in consumer technology to create v-blogs.

The consensous from many of the PR minds is that PR will inevidibly adapt to the changing world. Many feel that technology has already made a huge change on the field of public relations already and the evolution of humaniy will only bring more changes.

– here is a youtube video I found about the future of PR.



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