My jouney begins

Like most seniors graduating in May, my mind has been consumed with securing my future. The way I see it, this chapter of my life is quickly coming to an end and I must prepare myself for this next phase of my life and this phase is titled  “Entering the world of pr.” Basically I need to find a job, preferably before I graduate, and we’re not just talking about any job. NO! We are talking about that amazing, once in a lifetime, wonderful job that I will love to wake up and go to. Yes my friends, that is the job we are on the hunt for, that is the job we are searching tirelessly for. Although some may think I am naive, I prefer to hold on to the belief that there are people fortunate enough to find a job that they were created to do, the kind of job that doesn’t feel like work to them. The way I see it, if you are patient and know what you’re looking for in a career you will find that perfect job…..I just hope I am one of those people who’s fortunate enough to find my dream job.

So as I begin my journey in search of that coveted dream job, I will drop little bread crumbs of information I learn along the way that will hopefully help you find your dream job too.

Tip #1 Networking is EVERYTHING!

I know EVERYONE says this, but it is oh so true. I know it can seem a bit unfair at times, but more often than not, who you know can be the deciding factor between hearing “You’re hired” or “We’ll get back to you.”

So when I began getting my things together to begin my job search I told everyone I knew that I was graduating in May and what kind of job I was interested in. Thankfully everyone promised to keep a look-out for any jobs they thought I would be interested in. Some people have already text me or called me when they hear of a job opening. Although many of these jobs I am not interested in, it is easier to find a needle in a haystack if you have more than one pair of eyes looking for it.

Business cards

While I’ve been in college, I have acquired an impressive collection of business cards. It’s funny, just about everywhere you go in a professional setting, people seem to give their business cards out like candy.

My advice to you is simple: Take them!

It is a whole lot easier to increase your network when you have a way to contact people. When it came time for me to get the word out that I was looking for a job I took out my pile of business cards and emailed everyone I knew. Although it was a bit awkward emailing virtual strangers, I couldn’t let fear stop my journey to my dream job. Oddly enough many people responded and offered advice, as well as a promise to keep an ear open for any positions.

Well this is what I have learned so far. Wish me luck on my job hunt!


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