When you FINALLY get to the interview

One of the key things to remember while enduring job hunting is to ALWAYS be prepared.

In previous posts I have stressed the importance of creating your own opportunities and even when people say they’re not hiring, ask for an informal interview. This will help you network and to also get your foot in the door of a company. Let’s face it, you will make a stronger impression by being assertive and asking for a meeting then by listing your skills and experience on a piece of paper. People get more attached to you if they meet you in person.

Now when you’re going on these informal interviews treat it as a formal interview.

1. dress business casual

2. arrive on time

3. take a copy of your resume and cover letter

4. take your portfolio

5. Research the company

Take special efforts to present yourself well and make the most out of this opportunity.

I stress being prepared because this past week I set up an informal interview with the head of a pr firm I was REALLY interested in working for. Once I got there and began speaking with the owner, I was surprised to find out that it was a formal interview. Now this would have been a wasted opportunity if I had not been prepared with my knowledge of the company, resume, portfolio and attire.

Here is a link to  more tips to help you make the best impression once you finally land an interview.



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