Creating Opportunities

Recently one of my classmates asked me to blog about an experience I had so…… here it goes.

In class teachers are always telling us how we should always be looking for opportunities to hone our skills. Thinking about this I decided instead of waiting for an opportunity to apply what I’ve learned to come to me, I would go out and create one.

So I began looking for organizations around OSU I could offer my expertise to … and my search led me to the Service-Learning Volunteer Center. Before walking into the SLVC,  I wasn’t even remotely aware of it. One thing about volunteering for an organization, usually, they are extremely grateful for any help you can give them, and the SLVC was no different. I met with the organization’s director and set up my work schedule and she was enthusiastic and encouraging on every idea I presented to her. Although she really didn’t know what public relations was, she gave me free reign to do whatever I felt was necessary.

Volunteering at the SLVC was a wonderful experience. They had never had a pr person in their office and were desperately in need of one. I was able to put all of the thing I was learning in class to work, like developing a pr plan, cultivating relationships with the media, approaching the media, writing press releases. I had the opportunity to work with this wonderful organization that was relatively invisible to its audience and help increase their awareness AND as a plus, I gained experience and material for my portfolio and resume.

Also, the SLVC realized the importance of having a pr student on staff and created an internship for a pr student.

So I urge you to look for ways you can help others while helping yourself.

Good luck



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