When you FINALLY get to the interview

One of the key things to remember while enduring job hunting is to ALWAYS be prepared.

In previous posts I have stressed the importance of creating your own opportunities and even when people say they’re not hiring, ask for an informal interview. This will help you network and to also get your foot in the door of a company. Let’s face it, you will make a stronger impression by being assertive and asking for a meeting then by listing your skills and experience on a piece of paper. People get more attached to you if they meet you in person.

Now when you’re going on these informal interviews treat it as a formal interview.

1. dress business casual

2. arrive on time

3. take a copy of your resume and cover letter

4. take your portfolio

5. Research the company

Take special efforts to present yourself well and make the most out of this opportunity.

I stress being prepared because this past week I set up an informal interview with the head of a pr firm I was REALLY interested in working for. Once I got there and began speaking with the owner, I was surprised to find out that it was a formal interview. Now this would have been a wasted opportunity if I had not been prepared with my knowledge of the company, resume, portfolio and attire.

Here is a link to  more tips to help you make the best impression once you finally land an interview.



Creating Opportunities

Recently one of my classmates asked me to blog about an experience I had so…… here it goes.

In class teachers are always telling us how we should always be looking for opportunities to hone our skills. Thinking about this I decided instead of waiting for an opportunity to apply what I’ve learned to come to me, I would go out and create one.

So I began looking for organizations around OSU I could offer my expertise to … and my search led me to the Service-Learning Volunteer Center. Before walking into the SLVC,  I wasn’t even remotely aware of it. One thing about volunteering for an organization, usually, they are extremely grateful for any help you can give them, and the SLVC was no different. I met with the organization’s director and set up my work schedule and she was enthusiastic and encouraging on every idea I presented to her. Although she really didn’t know what public relations was, she gave me free reign to do whatever I felt was necessary.

Volunteering at the SLVC was a wonderful experience. They had never had a pr person in their office and were desperately in need of one. I was able to put all of the thing I was learning in class to work, like developing a pr plan, cultivating relationships with the media, approaching the media, writing press releases. I had the opportunity to work with this wonderful organization that was relatively invisible to its audience and help increase their awareness AND as a plus, I gained experience and material for my portfolio and resume.

Also, the SLVC realized the importance of having a pr student on staff and created an internship for a pr student.

So I urge you to look for ways you can help others while helping yourself.

Good luck


Much needed resume help

When I began my job search I sent my resume to every pr professional I could possibly think of. Luckily many of them sent my resume back with comments that led to revision after revision of my resume. Through their help I have learned so much about what and what not to include in a resume.

So to my adoring public (he he he just kidding) here is what I’ve learned!

Ok so we all know the basics: your resume should be 1 page, in chronological order and objectives are unnecessary, but there are other less prominent tips that would be helpful to know when constructing a resume and sending it out to potential employers.

1. Represent yourself well

We all know first  impressions are important. For many of you (well me too), reading your resume is how employers will be first introduced to you, so it’s important that you represent yourself well.  Think about it. When you’re going on a first date you take the time to make sure you look your best, (well I know at least most girls do, boys are a different breed) so preparing a resume is no different. It’s important to take the time to edit it, revise it and get others to edit it so that you are sure it makes a good impression

Side note: Also tell the truth. I know that sounds easy enough, but I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about people fudging the truth on their resumes only to get to the interview and look utterly RIDICULOUS. (leave me a comment and I’ll tell you some of them).

2. Your resume is should change for each job you apply to.

I kept hearing this constantly. Study the job description you’re applying for then highlight the things they state they’re looking for in your resume and cover letter. It makes it painfully obvious for an employer to see that you have the skills that they’re looking for. It’s like holding up a sign saying “HIRE ME! HIRE ME!”

3. When listing experience, BE SPECIFIC

Almost every person I sent my resume to included the same words of wisdom: (I started to wonder if they had all gotten together to decide what they should write) “Be more specific about what you did at each job.” Like most people who fear being too wordy in their resume, I gave a brief synopsis of the duties I fulfilled, but the advice I received urged me to still be brief, but to make it clear to the employer what I accomplished in each position, not just what I did.

“Give more than a description, show that you can be trusted to coordinate your new employers efforts and solve their problems.”

– Bill Handy

To see some of the other tips I came across that helped me improve my resume check out these links:




Good Luck


The PRSSA Regional Conference

I was a little nervous about attending the PRSSA Regional Conference. I had never been to a professional conference and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. To prepare myself I researched tips for attending a conference and I came across this article: http://www.businessknowhow.com/growth/conf10.htm

Attending the PRSSA Regional Conference was a wonderful and beneficial experience. It was a day filled with meeting new people and learning more about different tools I can use to be successful in pr. One of my favorite things about the conference was that it was put on by two students, which inspired me to want to look at the world around me and see in what big ways I can contribute to my profession.

The conference began with breakfast at the Mabee Center, which was delicious! While we were eating Jeremy Burton, the Tulsa Chapter’s PRSA President, spoke briefly as well as Dan Mahoney, the Vice President for Corporate Communications for the OKC Thunder. Mahoney spoke about the goals and challenges the Thunder faced when they first began and now. One of his most profound statements was about “being on top of things when it comes to communicating with your pubic.”

1. Know where your public is

2. How they get your information

3. What they’re interested in

4. The best way to get your news out to them.

He also urged us to try new ways to attract our audience. He used the example of when they conducted an online chat session with Rumble (the Thunder’s mascot).

The conference was set up like a typical high school schedule, with two learning sessions broken up by lunch. (To see the rest of the session speakers go to http://oru-prssaregional.webs.com)

All in all I learned so much at the conference and came in contact with so many wonderful people who shared my passion for pr. People who I may not have had the privilege to meet had it not been for this conference. I learned so much about conducting research, operating a web site and the ins and outs of corporate communication.

So my advice to everyone would be: If you have the opportunity to go to a conference related to your expertise GO! This will benefit you more than you could ever know.

The greatest learning experience came when I took part in the “Crisis Team Competition.” We were broken up into teams and given a scenario. We then had 45 minutes to analyze, come up with a crisis plan and present it to the judges. I know this doesn’t seem like it was such a big deal, but that 45 minutes seemed to fly by and might I mention that we only had three minutes to present to the judges and they then would ask us questions.

Now although I can be an effective public speaker it was hard for me to keep my cool and be confident about presenting something I didn’t have the time to really think through and prepare to a panel of professionals. When my team’s turn came to speak (of course I was chosen to be the speaker!) I was shaking in my pumps, but we made it through and effectively answered the judges questions. Although we didn’t win the competition, it was a wonderful learning experience.  I learned that although you don’t like it, being thrown out of your comfort zone forces you to grow and causes you to really see what you’re capable of. Although I’m still a bit nervous about entering the world of pr, I’m a little more confident in my abilities. Maybe I am ready to take this pr world by storm.

All the students who participated in the Crisis Competition and the judges.

Great African Americans and pr

For those of you who are interested in the impact African American’s have had on the world of public relations check out this article: http://bit.ly/bI0PX9.

I came across it in the PRSA newsletter and just had to read it. This is what drives me to continue looking for a job when it seems like there aren’t any out there. This is what inspires me when the feeling of doubt begins to hover over me like a rain cloud. My desire to be  successful and to one day be one of these awe-inspiring individuals just prevents me from giving up. Thanks PRSA for this salute to African-Americans and for reminding me of my dreams, I really needed it!

My jouney begins

Like most seniors graduating in May, my mind has been consumed with securing my future. The way I see it, this chapter of my life is quickly coming to an end and I must prepare myself for this next phase of my life and this phase is titled  “Entering the world of pr.” Basically I need to find a job, preferably before I graduate, and we’re not just talking about any job. NO! We are talking about that amazing, once in a lifetime, wonderful job that I will love to wake up and go to. Yes my friends, that is the job we are on the hunt for, that is the job we are searching tirelessly for. Although some may think I am naive, I prefer to hold on to the belief that there are people fortunate enough to find a job that they were created to do, the kind of job that doesn’t feel like work to them. The way I see it, if you are patient and know what you’re looking for in a career you will find that perfect job…..I just hope I am one of those people who’s fortunate enough to find my dream job.

So as I begin my journey in search of that coveted dream job, I will drop little bread crumbs of information I learn along the way that will hopefully help you find your dream job too.

Tip #1 Networking is EVERYTHING!

I know EVERYONE says this, but it is oh so true. I know it can seem a bit unfair at times, but more often than not, who you know can be the deciding factor between hearing “You’re hired” or “We’ll get back to you.”

So when I began getting my things together to begin my job search I told everyone I knew that I was graduating in May and what kind of job I was interested in. Thankfully everyone promised to keep a look-out for any jobs they thought I would be interested in. Some people have already text me or called me when they hear of a job opening. Although many of these jobs I am not interested in, it is easier to find a needle in a haystack if you have more than one pair of eyes looking for it.

Business cards

While I’ve been in college, I have acquired an impressive collection of business cards. It’s funny, just about everywhere you go in a professional setting, people seem to give their business cards out like candy.

My advice to you is simple: Take them!

It is a whole lot easier to increase your network when you have a way to contact people. When it came time for me to get the word out that I was looking for a job I took out my pile of business cards and emailed everyone I knew. Although it was a bit awkward emailing virtual strangers, I couldn’t let fear stop my journey to my dream job. Oddly enough many people responded and offered advice, as well as a promise to keep an ear open for any positions.

Well this is what I have learned so far. Wish me luck on my job hunt!

Future of PR- As They Tell It

There are many thoughts on how public relations will evolve as time passes. Richard Edelman said on his blog that we must: 1) Retrain our work force. PR should move away from “pitching the story” mentality. We can be part of conversations on line. We have to be smart about our subject and careful with our facts because these discussions are always on the record. 2) Recognize the influence and credibility of blogs. David Kiley of Business Week wrote about Paramount Studios’ success with a niche film, Hustle & Flow, which was promoted through music blogs and fan sites. Thirty five percent of moviegoers said they were motivated to see the film through discussions on line.  3) Experiment. We should be working with video clips attached to press materials to make it easier for bloggers in consumer technology to create v-blogs.

The consensous from many of the PR minds is that PR will inevidibly adapt to the changing world. Many feel that technology has already made a huge change on the field of public relations already and the evolution of humaniy will only bring more changes.

– here is a youtube video I found about the future of PR.


Future of Public Relations

I think public relations will continue to evolve with each generation that passes. It is already growing in the technological aspect. We are now taking advantage of the new mediums, like the Internet, that are available to us. I would like to help the industry grow and evolve. I want to leave my own impression on it like so many others have. I think as the world changes, this industry will change. We will continue to use different tools to communicate as society becomes more advance. I hope that we will also become more global.


I think blogging is a great way to connect and communicate with people who share some of the same passions as you. It’s easier to talk to people through blogs, you feel free to say things that you may not say face to face and it really gives you the chance to see who people really are. I have never blogged before, but I am starting to like it. Because it’s on the internet and out there FOREVER, it really makes me think about what I write and how I write. I like to be able to create my page and let it reflect who I am and my different moods. This is my on-going creation and it will evolve as I do:)

In My Mind

This year has been a challenge for me. I have grown SO much, but been through alot as well. I have had great opprotunities and some bad one’s, buth they have all worked out for my good. I have been challenged more this year, but I have also become tougher, which is good for me. I have also become more assertive, aggressive and persistant which has always been a problem for me because of my shy nature. I have been tested, but I have not failed so I will keep on going until I indefinately suceed.

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